About Us

OpenHouse.com.sg is a property viewing listing platform that allows professional licensed real estate agents to bring Houses to their Clients virtually.

Our team created this initiative to meet the huge demand for virtual viewings of property listings in Singapore, as property seekers lean heavily toward the online world for big purchase decisions.

We believe in helping realtors maximise every virtual open house viewing opportunity by creating exponential awareness to potential clients about their online viewing time slots.

This platform leverages on Zoom online viewings and Facebook live, equipping real estate agents with the tools they need to deliver crucial property information real time and give their clients the full experience of hearing, seeing, and feeling the vibes of each property without needing to be physically present.

OpenHouse.com.sg transcends geographical boundaries and opens doors for property agents to meet live with property buyers and tenants, not only in Singapore but also around the world.

We are the New Norm, the NOW.