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Open House Singapore helps you seal the deal by providing you the necessary paperwork needed. The documentation process includes things like issuing an Option to Purchase (OTP) and HDB resale applications. Enjoy greater savings when you engage our documentation services today.

For Sellers or Buyers of All Property Types

Pay nothing until your property is sold. No Deposits or Hidden Costs.


Get detailed guidance on the required procedures from Singapore’s top 1% property agents. If you’re selling a HDB, we guide you through the process as well.


This includes registering Intent to Sell, issuing Option to Purchase (OTP) and for HDB resale, submitting resale application to the HDB.


Open House Singapore will conduct the final inspection of the property and conclude the sale. For HDB resale, we will attend the HDB completion appointment with the seller.

Buying with an Agent

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Buy an HDB at $380,000 and below $380,001 to $480,000 $480,001 to $580,000 $580,001 to $680,000 $680,001 to $780,000 $780,001 to $880,000 $880,001 to $980,000 $980,001 and above
Fixed Fees: $2,500 +GST $3,500 +GST $4,500 +GST $5,500 +GST $6,500 +GST $7,500 +GST $8,500 +GST $9,500 +GST
Buy an HDB at Fixed Fees:
$380,000 and below $2,500 +GST
$380,001 to $480,000 $3,500 +GST
$480,001 to $580,000 $4,500 +GST
$580,001 to $680,000 $5,500 +GST
$680,001 to $780,000 $6,500 +GST
$780,001 to $880,000 $7,500 +GST
$880,001 to $980,000 $8,500 +GST
$980,001 and above $9,500 +GST

*No Fees are payable if OpenHouse Singapore cannot successfully secure you a purchase at the price you want from date of appointment.

It's easier than you think

Selling your property can be easier than you think. Open House Singapore allows property owners to buy and sell their property without a real estate agent. You can save up to $20,000 (or more) in sale commissions. We provide support for a seamless buying & selling process, and give you access to valuable experience and in-depth knowledge of real estate processes.

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Save tens of thousands of dollars by selling your home on Open House Singapore, where you are in control of how much you want to invest in the sale or rental of your property. Pay no agent commission. Only a flat-fee with no additional cost.

Transparent service

You'll have no issue getting buyers or tenants if you have access to the same real estate websites that agents have via Open House Singapore. Sell at the price you want. We put you in charge of pricing the sale or rental of your private property, but you won't be alone. We'll be there for you every step of the way to assist you with market research and access to valuation.

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With the support of a team - in sales, marketing, digital, tech and production, we work with you closely to help you secure your property sale.

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