Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open House Singapore?

Open House Singapore is a platform that steps into the future of real estate. Through our exclusive network of licensed top real estate agents, we bridge home sellers to potential buyers creatively and effectively.Buying or selling your HDB can now be easy. We focus on speed and no time-wasting. We will help you with all your real estate concerns, from getting you the highest offers, advising on mortgage and taxes, to ultimately building your assets.

How much does it cost to sell my HDB?

Typically, the seller pays 2% commission to the seller agent, and the buyer pays 1% commission to the buyer agent (if any). So usually, if you sell your HDB at $550,000, a 2% commission payable to a typical seller agent would amount to $11,000. Do keep in mind that these are indicative common practices for property agent commissions in Singapore and there are no strict guidelines on how much to pay for commission. Everything can be negotiable depending on the situation.

At Open House Singapore, our fixed fees will cost you only $4,500. That is even lower than 1% ($5,500) and you save $6,500!

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What are fixed agent fees?

No longer sell your HDB to realise that you still have to fork out a hefty amount for the agent fee that makes you wonder if your agent really worked that hard.

Open House Singapore’s transparent fixed pricing helps you plan ahead and determine your choices better. What's more, you pay nothing until your property is sold. No hidden costs and no deposits are required. Our team puts your best interests first and treats your property with care. Get comprehensive services including professional photos and videos, detailed analysis, focused marketing and more.

Why are Open House Singapore agent fees so cheap?

We believe that buying and selling a property can be efficient and hassle-free. With the Open House Singapore platform, it allows us to develop a systematic and effective approach towards every customer and each listing. Your real estate journey does not just start and end here after the sale of your property charging a transparent fixed fee is the first step of many. We want you to save more so you can build your assets.

What do your services include?

Open House Singapore offers an extensive range of services including consultation, documentation, market research and property indicative valuation, advertising and marketing, media production and more. Have a team of agents and an entire platform working for you instead of one.

Are your agents certified with a CEA licence?

In Singapore, all property agents must be registered with the CEA through a licensed property agency. Our property sales agents are full-time professionals licensed with CEA and are registered with Propnex Realty Pte Ltd (Agency Licence No.: L3008022J).

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