How To Get Started Creating Fengshui In Your Home

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April 8, 2021

Finding ways to create more peaceful and harmonious living spaces to ease our busy everyday schedules can be hugely beneficial to our overall well-being. The traditional art of Fengshui aims to do just that! Literally translating to 'wind-water', the ancient Chinese philosophy of being in-tune with nature and one's surroundings incorporates the five key elements of water (emotion and inspiration), earth (strength and stability), fire (leadership and boldness), metal (focus and order), and wood (creativity and growth). Each of these elements corresponds to different parts of our living spaces, and the way we choose to shape them can tip the balance between positive and negative energy

Fengshui masters spend years honing the practice, but there are some basic principles that anyone can pick up to recognise good fengshui in their home. Here are some tips from Master Mark Tan of Way Fengshui Group to get you started on your fengshui journey!

1. Direction 

Your entrance determines the way energy enters your home and, therefore, your life. The direction your entrance should face is ideally North; however, this can change based on the 20-year luck cycle. In apartments, your main door or window will be your 'entrance'. They should either be in a straight line or perpendicular to each other. If you live in a landed or commercial property, it's simple—the front gate is your main energy source. You should try to select a house with good direction from the start because auspicious direction equals more opportunities! Home orientation may be important for good fengshui, but so is tidiness. Keeping your main entrance well-organised and clear of clutter will ensure proper flow of energy through your home. Check the property's floor plans carefully before making a purchase, or consult with a fengshui master to assist you on your property hunt and determine which is your best direction.

2. Bazi Suitability

A Bazi chart is used to identify which of the five elements is the most favourable to you. Each individual has their own Bazi chart and is based on their time and date of birth. This is especially important if you plan to purchase a house for your own stay.

Once you have identified which areas of your house belong to specific aspects of your life, you can then start incorporating suitable fengshui cures to improve your house's quality of energy, according to your chart. This enables you to know which of these areas are most beneficial to align with your personal goals. A Bazi chart can also give additional recommendations on your best fengshui colours and home decor items.

3. Shape

A property's shape will ultimately determine the layout and arrangement of the entire house. It is said that the squarer the house, the more favourable it is! Though simple, a well-proportioned square or rectangular shaped floor plan offers the best fengshui as there are no missing or empty areas on the Bagua map. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find a completely square house, but there are ways around it. Discuss with your fenghsui master on how you can optimise every living space to its full potential. They will guide you on how to integrate fengshui formations to complement individual spaces and create a more harmonious living environment for the whole household. 

4. Luck Cycle

So, your house is facing a good direction, the placements are just right, and now you're ready to roll your pineapple? Not yet. The final piece to the puzzle is timing. Finding the right time to move in, conduct renovation work or host an event will make all the difference to your fengshui. 

There are a total of nine luck cycles, otherwise known as 'periods' in fengshui, and each period lasts 20 years. We are currently in Period 8 from 4th February 2004 to 3rd February 2024. These 20-year cycles are used to keep time through the observation of the planets' positions. They are mostly based on three factors, including Heaven (the stars present at your birth), Earth (the layout, direction, as well as your fengshui) and Human (Bazi suitability).

If you're planning to 'fengshui' up your future home, we suggest you plan ahead for Period 9 if you want to live in your home beyond 2024. Thinking of upgrading or shifting premises before 2024? Then consider buying a house primed for Period 8. Just make sure you choose the right dates before you make your move. You can download the Almanac app from WayFengshui to help you with your date selection.


Remember, good fengshui is all about channelling the right kind of energy into your home and creating comfortable living spaces for the whole family. Understanding the art of fengshui can help you improve your quality of living and may even benefit your investment. If you need any assistance, contact Property Giant Singapore and our agents will be happy to lend a hand!

The above article is written with reference from SPS2020 webinars, organized by PropNex in collaboration with Mediacorp and 99co.

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